🌞 Good reads for the summer

Before taking a break for the summer, I wanted to leave you with some recommendations to take to the beach. While some are quite old (a least for tech, meaning up to 4 years old), they are still my go-to resources.

1 – Technically Food, by Larissa Zimberoff

Published 2 years ago, this book is still my number one recommendation for someone interested in exploring β€œthe future of food” and, notably, alternative proteins.

The author, a food and a tech journalist, explores some of the hottest topics while keeping a critical eye. It is not black and white compared to other books on the subject.

The only limitation is that the book is a bit short in terms of vision (where are we going next?).

2 – FoodTech unicorns in 2023

With this report we released last month, you can have an overview of the 62 active FoodTech unicorns. It’s a very good proxy to the whole FoodTech ecosystem, and by looking at these companies and what they are doing, you can have a view of key trends shaping the future of food.

3 – The carbon Footprint of everything, by Mike Berners-Lee

An easy-to-read while scientifically sound book on the carbon footprint of the different products, services or things that make up our daily lives. The idea is that to reach our sustainability goals; we should be responsible individually for less a 5 tonnes of emissions .
You can learn about:

  • The huge differences between a cup of black coffee and a latte (x11)
  • The not-so-big difference between vegan and meat diets depends on the amount of waste generated or airfreighted produce you consume.
  • A pepperoni & cheese pizza is about 2.2kg, so you can eat one each day of the year and still have 4 tonnes in your β€œbudget” (yes, I made the math, and it made me somehow confident that life was still very possible)
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