10 notable deals and things to know this week (2023 – week #7)

🇫🇷  🥫 Omie&Cie, a French startup, raised €15M for its fully integrated food brand. It develops its own 250 food products from a network of farmers using regenerative agriculture practices. Products are then distributed on its own marketplace and in stores.

🇺🇸  🍑  The Ugly Company, a US-based startup, raised $9M for its upcycled dried fruits made from “ugly” products. Upcycling (adding more value to a product that would have been either discarded or used at a lower value) is definitely a growing trend, notably as consumers are getting more aware of food waste all along the value chain.


🇹🇷  🛵 Getir, the European leader in quick-commerce, which recently acquired Gorillas, its German competitor, is laying off some staff in the UK. In many markets, it seems that the two entities are overlapping, and some consolidation and additional layoffs are to be expected.

🇺🇸  🚚  Jokr, the US-based quick-commerce startup, raised a new round of $50M at a $1.3B valuation (which is an increased valuation since it last raised money, something getting as rare as unicorns these days). The startup wants to focus on the markets where it has the most strength, as if quick-commerce is not a “winner takes all market” but rather a “winner takes most market”.

🇪🇸 ✋ Barcelona is banning dark stores (the mini-warehouses from which quick-commerce startups operate). This will mostly affect Glovo, which will have to shut its dark stores or convert them into open supermarkets. Additionally, the city is now forcing dark kitchens (from which multiple virtual brands operate to cook food aimed for delivery) to be located in industrial districts.

🇫🇷  ☀️  Solar Brother, a French startup, just raised €1.45M in equity crowdfunding for its solar ovens. It already sells multiple devices, such as a solar barbecue or an oven that can be used while camping.

🇪🇪 💧 ÄIO, an Estonian startup, raised €1M for its alternatives to oils and fats used in the food industry, using precision fermentation.

🇮🇱  🍔  Meala FoodTech, an Israeli startup, raised $1.9M for its functional proteins used in alternative proteins. It hopes to improve the texture of meat alternatives.

🇬🇷  🧑‍🌾  Wikifarmer, a Greek startup, raised €5M (something rare enough for a Greek startup to be highlighted) for its Wikipedia for farmers.  Beyond advice, it is also a marketplace where farmers can sell their produce.

🇺🇸 🥬  Springworks Farm, a US indoor farming startup, is raising $22M for its new aquaponics greenhouse (combining fish and indoor farming).

🇩🇪📉 What’s happening in Germany?
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