13 notable deals and things to know this week (2023 – week #9)

🇫🇷  🐮 Aiheard, a French startup, raised €2.1M for its monitoring device for milk cows. Monitored with cameras, cows are identified according to their spots. Then, if any disease risk appears, the farmer is alerted.

🇨🇦  🔪 Cookin, a Canadian homemade food delivery marketplace, raised $11M to expand in the US. The idea of home cooks being able to sell their meals online is a recurring idea that keeps coming back every other year. The high cost of delivery and the unreliability of a network of home chefs are only two of the many challenges of this business. Let’s say that the many startups that raised capital on this idea are no longer here to talk about it.

🇫🇷  🇸🇪  💨 Two startups raised capital for their climate accounting platforms:

Carbon accounting is a growing topic. Both startups assess the environmental impact of products all along their value chain (from their ingredients to transport) and enable companies to make choices.

💊  Researchers have proved, for the first time, that cardiometabolic health can be improved with a diet personalised to the individual’s metabolism. Personalisation is a fascinating but very complicated topic. However, science is progressing fast, and startups can help to make it more accessible to consumers by enabling them to personalise their diet.

🇺🇸 🧃 Loliware, a US-based startup, raised $15.4M for its seaweed materials. The startup is known for its first product, a seaweed straw. With this funding, it intends to develop an alternative that current plastic manufacturers will be able to use by switching from plastic to seaweed pellets.

🇮🇳  🚚 FreshToHome, an Indian meat and fish delivery startup, raised $104M (notably from Amazon). It develops its own sourcing to bring fresh and quality products to the millions of consumers it already serves.

🇺🇸 🥛 Soylent, the meal replacement startup which, at a time, has been the embodiment of the FoodTech ecosystem and of what entrepreneurs believed would be the future of food, was acquired. Last year, Soylent sold more than $100M of its meal replacement beverages.

In short, but just as interesting:

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