8 notable deals this week (2022 – week #23)

🚲  🇫🇮  Huuva, a Finnish startup, raised €4.9M for its restaurant-delivery platforms. Unlike most existing platforms, it targets locations outside city centres. It creates restaurant pools and enables consumers to make orders from more than one spot.

🍽️  🇫🇷  PopChef, a French startup, raised €15M for its smart canteen solutions. Created as a meal delivery startup, PopChef has pivoted to B2B and is now a significant player in the smart fridge market.

✏️ 🇳🇿  MenuAid raised NZ$1M for its meal planning subscription service. Users tell the software about their preferences and diet, and it makes recommendations and shopping lists.

🦸 🇨🇴  RobinFood, a Colombian startup, raised $32M to expand its virtual restaurant brands across Latin America.

🧑‍🌾  🇺🇸  FarmWise, a US-based weeding robot startup, raised $45M. This creates a sustainable alternative to chemicals. To do so, FarmWises combines robotics and AI to recognise plants. (Have a look at the video of the robot here)

🍔  🇮🇱  Brevel, an Israeli startup, raised $8.4M to scale its production of alternative proteins made of microalgae. The startup says it has found answers to the two issues with microalgae: taste and flavour.

🚲  🇪🇬 Appetito, an Egyptian quick-commerce startup, acquires its competitor Lamma (operating in Tunisia and Morocco) for $10M. This is again proof of the current consolidation in this category.

🍽️  🇨🇦  WeCook, a Canadian startup, raised $40M for its subscription services for fresh meals.

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