Best deals and top FoodTech news (2022 – week #22)


🚜  🇺🇸  Regrow, a US-based startup, raised $38M for its platform that helps farmers adopt regenerative agriculture practices through incentives.

🚚  🇨🇴  Merqueo, a Colombia-based online supermarket (with its own dark stores and 30-minutes delivery option) startup, raised $22M to expand in Brazil.

🚲  🇮🇩  Astro, an Indonesia-based quick-commerce startup, raised $60M. Founded only nine months ago, it is mostly focused on the Jakarta region.

🍬 🇺🇸 Joywell, a US-based startup, raised $25M for its sugar alternative. Beyond proteins, many entrepreneurs (and investors) are betting on alternatives to sugar and fat. Joywell is one of them (with competitors such as DouxMatok). It has developed sugar proteins that have the same taste as “the real stuff” but have a much lower impact on the blood sugar levels (and are then alternatives to sweeteners).

📦  🇺🇸  Locale, based in the US, is a startup that curates local (San Francisco area) restaurants and food businesses, and creates a platform to enable consumers to order food from them in a single order. It just raised $14M to expand in new cities.

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