Best deals and top FoodTech news (week #47)

🍖 Big news in big meat: JBS acquires Spanish cellular agriculture startup BioTech Foods:

  • JBS is one of the world’s biggest meat companies and is already highly involved in the alternative protein space. It has notably launched a division dedicated to plant-based, Planterra.
  • BioTech Foods is one of the handfuls of European cellular agriculture startups. It recently received funding from the Spanish government and the EU Commission to explore how to scale cellular agriculture production (notably healthier fats).

JBS invested $100M in the deal, $41M of which will be used to develop a new plant to scale up production.

🥩 🏭 Meat factory and some mental arithmetic: Upside Foods announced the opening of its “EPIC” production facility. The cellular agriculture startup has raised $206M until now, it is by far the most heavily funded in this space, and it claims to be the leader.

The facility can produce 50,000 pounds of finished product per year. This could rise to 400,000 pounds.

The average retail price of a pound of meat is around $4.7 in the US. Without considering any retail or distribution costs and without any margin, 400,000 pounds would make $1,9M (and 50,000 would make $235k). This is certainly huge progress compared to lab production. We should keep in mind that a single slaughterhouse can be 1,000 bigger.

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