Best DigitalFoodLab content 2022

Last year, we published a lot of great content. We have selected the most insightful (and most read) articles, reports and graphs. You can discover them, re-read them and, most importantly, share them with your colleagues and friends:

1 – FoodTech definition
Our page on “what is FoodTech” remains one of the most viewed on DigitalFoodLab’s website. It shows how many people are still discovering this ecosystem and also how vast it is. We the latest update, we are at 6 categories and 35 different categories.

2 – Investments in Europe (and the update and the end of H1): this report shows how dynamic the European ecosystem is.

3- FoodTech unicorns: our report on FoodTech unicorns shows how the ecosystem boomed in the last couple of years with more and more $1B+ startups. It is also a great tool to have a snapshot of the most valued startups in the ecosystem.

4 – Country focus:

5 – Category focus:

8 notable deals and things to know this week (2023 - week #3)
🍪 Wishes for 2023, best of 2022

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