Beyond milk: the excitement around dairy alternative is building up

What: After Impossible FoodsBeyond Meat may be now eying toward plant-based milk. They are not alone, Nestlé also launched a dedicated vegan milk brand recently.

Dairy alternatives are on the rise almost everywhere while milk sales are often declining. 2021 was the year of the plant-based chicken nugget (with both companies and a really big number of startups having launched or being rumoured to be launching theirs). 2022 could be the year of the Impossible milk and the Beyond milk (with cheese and ice cream the following suit).

Cheese has also attracted a lot of interest this summer:

  • Miyoko’s, one of the leading US plant-based cheese brands raised $52M
  • Nobell Foods raised $75M for its technology using molecular farming (modifying plants for having them grow the desired proteins)

In the meantime, if you want to experiment with something new, you can go for a Potato plant-based milk. (I am a bit conflicted here, it is undoubtedly environment-friendly but for me, a potato’s first and foremost use is to make French fries).

DigitalFoodLab: This growing appetite for alternative dairy was long due. Indeed, if alternative meat is a growing market with huge potential in the next decade (see below), alternative dairy is a growing market with an already huge market right now.

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