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We had an amazing week following the release of DigitalFoodLab’s French FoodTech top 25. Thanks again for all your feedback (notably for the constructive critiques on making it better). We also had a great time doing a webinar on the Future of French FoodTech with a good talk with two entrepreneurs of our top 25, the CEOs of Gourmey and Foodles. Here is the link for the videos (in French).

Keeping this focus on the food ecosystem’s future, I would like to broaden the focus to the state of FoodTech trends. Indeed, we have just published our FoodTech trends report 2020. As we do each year, we have mapped all the top trends in FoodTech in an innovation curve.


Doing this work can be a bit exhausting as we try to put everything we know about what could have a serious impact in the next decade in a single report and graph. However, it provides very interesting insights. First, on what appears (while avoiding fleeting trends and also removing vanishing ones). It is even more interesting to compare each year’s result (here is last year’s report and curve). Here are a couple of such examples:

1- Animal-feed insects. In one name: Ynsect. Yesterday, the French startups announced a new €190M round of capital (with this new funding, it has raised €300M in 18 months). It seems that going B2B first was the right choice for insects (for a potential B2C move in the coming years?).

2- We have observed this year a huge spike in interest for lab-grown foods. This is reflected in enormous valuations for startups that still have no path to profitably and even don’t have any revenue. As these startups, notably those working on cellular agriculture, are still far from supermarket shelves, we may expect some disappointment in the coming years.

Do you think that we have forgotten any trend or misplaced one? Please contact us to talk about the future of food! And ask me for any questions or inquiries about buying the whole report, separate chapters, or webinar presentation of its conclusions personalized to your company.

Have a great week!



#1 – DigitalFoodLab’s French FoodTech top 25

We mapped the top 25 startups that you should know in 2020 to get an idea about what’s happening in the French FoodTech ecosystem. Feedback has been incredible, and we can’t wait to release new such mappings. And we are already talking about next year’s update.

More Here

#2 – Pernod Ricard invests in the $23M round of Liquid Death (water in a can)

Let’s say that we are skeptical about Liquid Death’s new round. Pernod Ricard’s venture arm (Convivialité ventures) is part of the $23M investment. Started as a joke and rebranded as a somewhat innovative packaging, the company markets Austrian alps water in aluminum cans…

More Here

#3 – Mosameat raises $55M to achieve its goal: a €9 burger in the next couple of years

Mosa Meat, a Dutch startup, just raised $55M for its cellular agriculture technology. The company is known as one of the leaders of this ecosystem. Indeed, its founder, Mark Post, a researcher, was the first to demonstrate cellular agriculture’s feasibility by “producing” a €250,000 burger in 2013…

More Here


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You still want more, here are some of our favorite reads of the last couple of weeks:

  • A new European plant-based alliance has been formed (with food giants and disruptors such as Nestlé and Beyond Meat). It is calling all leaders to put plant-based foods at the heart of their policies.  (The green queen)
  • French Startup Exotic raised $90M for its warehouse robots. They are notably used for grocery retail for orders’ preparation. (Techcrunch)
  • Seedlip, a non-alcoholic spirit startup, is launching a mushroom-based (in partnership with a UK-based startup) packaging for its gift set (Beverage Daily)
  • Apeel Sciences (mentioned in June when it raised $250M) partners with Walmart on cucumbers without the plastic (Food Navigator)

As you can see, FoodTech is indeed moving faster than ever in 2020. But you are not alone. DigitalFoodLab is here to help you :

  • Stay at the top of your domain. We provide exclusive insights and information through talks and our FoodTech watch.
  • Prepare for the future. We help you make plans for long-term trends and their implications on your business and identify the right startup to work on your current issues.
  • Innovate faster. We work with you to define the innovation strategy fitted to your business means and needs.

No matter if you are a startup or a food giant, we are here to work with you and change the world of food! (contact us).

LARQ, the self-cleaning water bottle startup raises $10M
Pernod Ricard invests in the $23M round of Liquid Death (water in a can)

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