Untappd is a new mobile, web-based application that enables beer drinkers to share beers, beer-drinking establishments and feedback about beers with friends and other beer-drinking enthusiasts.

Untappd takes advantage mobile web technologies to create a brand new social media tool for those who enjoy sipping a pint in the pub. Users can “check-in” the beer they are enjoying, add the location where they are enjoying it via Foursquare, and share this with their network of friends as well as the broader Untappd community. In response, friends can comment on or toast these “check-ins” with any questions or feedback they may have. This interaction allows users to discover different beers outside of their normal drinking preferences, as well as different places to enjoy those beers.

What’s more, Untappd takes advantage of the growing trend of “gamification” by adding game-like features into the application. Users can win “badges” for trying certain beers, beer styles, drinking at certain times, or trying certain establishments.
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