"Au Royaume des Dattes" offers you products of dates and derivatives of dates 100% natural from an ancestral know-how.

Our palm grove is located in Biskra in Algeria, considered the best terroir for the queen of dates: Deglet Nour. We are committed to making the whole world discover this very energetic fruit with a very sweet, juicy taste and almost transparent appearance.

In order to offer you a quality and a unique taste at every moment of the year, "Au Royaume des Dattes" produces in a reasonable way reducing treatments by contributions of organic and non-chemical fertilizers. The assurance of tasting fresh dates guarantees optimal quality.

The dates are produced once a year after the summer, between the months of October and the month of November,

In order to respect the unique and particular taste of the Deglet Nour, water, sun and natural fertilizer (sheep and rooster manure) are sufficient to hatch the fruit

The dates are then harvested and sorted manually with a necessary delicacy.
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