Casper is a pan European Hybrid Kitchen pioneer and a modern day food hall; 100% virtual and getting everyone what they want. Their vision is to have a foothold in every great city of Europe: a virtual food hall (referring to the wide variety of cuisines available from which you can order) at everyone’s fingertips, from the comfort of their ownhome. Available for in-store purchase, pick-up or within 30 minutes delivery distance.

Similar to a dark kitchen, Casper's kitchen operations are takeaway & delivery focused. However, they differ by choosing high street locations where customers are able to walk in and order from a kiosk, click & collect or pick-up from the deli. While they wait for and see how their food is prepared, the branded in-store environment allows them to engage with the brand; completely wiping out the mystery-factor and all misconceptions around ghost kitchens.