Clara Foods™ is a Bay area venture capital-backed company working towards a disruptive advance in food technology by creating the world’s first animal-free egg white. We join a new generation of entrepreneurs, activists and scientists who recognize that the decades-old factory farm model cannot sustain the dietary needs of 7 billion people and counting - and that technology may hold a solution.

As much as the growing market demands for egg production exert pressure on hatcheries to improve their efficiencies and outputs, there is also growing public distaste for the environmental, animal welfare, and health compromises of industrial-scale egg production. Clara Foods™ aims to subvert this moral and economic deadlock by taking the chicken out of the equation. We’re bringing an egg white to the table that is produced completely animal-free, uses less land and water inputs, while matching the taste, nutritional value, and unique culinary properties of hen-borne egg whites.

Clara Foods™ is developing a new ingredient line, Clara Whites, to replace egg whites in more applications than any other egg white substitute. Unlike other replacements on the market, our Clara Whites work in even the most sensitive products such as angel food cakes, meringues, and macarons. Our baking and binding applications team uses a proprietary protein functionality matrix to deliver improved volume, foaming, texture, and tensile strength for all your product needs.