How many goals or mythical actions missed while waiting at a stadium? The hundreds of supporters going to the refreshment bar in the 46th to avoid the queue in the final France Brazil 98 still have their ears whistling; Djorkaeff's corner to the 47th, and the head that followed ... Intense fans of rugby, football and other sports, the four associates have realized time and time again that eating at the stadium resembles a true fighter's course. So they created DigiFood to never again suffer this kind of disappointments, beyond the frustration due to the expectation and lack of availability of products. DigiFood is the solution that allows to be delivered to its headquarters while enjoying 100% of the show.

DigiFood is the first web and mobile platform that allows its users to eat without lining up in places with strong crowds where food outlets are difficult to access (pregnant, sports, concert halls ...).

The principle of their service is simple: the spectator can from anywhere and at any time preorder or order products available in the refreshment bar. He places orders, pays via our solution (web or mobile) and finally chooses to get delivered in his place or to come to retrieve his order via a priority file.

The goal of DigiFood is twofold: to improve the customer experience of spectators of sporting and cultural events while optimizing the recipes of the restoration points attached to these events.