Eatizzy offers "simplified" creation and management tools, available to everyone.

Connected with technological and commercial partners: cashier solutions, payment solution, delivery, CRM, stock, ... Eatizzy enables restaurant managers to regroup in one point all the existing and innovative services that a restorer needs. Using a route and a digital, intelligent and efficient map, we bring to the catering sector, "the answer" to benefit from an increase in the value chain and turnover.

It should be noticed that the technology developed by our company (IZZY SAS) is available for hotels with and a local marketplace disruptive - - for the wine and beverage networks sector.

The reasons of our success :
- A very good knowledge of the field and customer expectations
- A centralization of the tools already used by restaurateurs
- An adapted offer to go "step by step"
- A connection to the heart of the store: the cashier machine

The reasons why we are disruptive and different from everything that already exists :
- We have strong experience in the foodtech sector and in digital: creation, technology, marketing, referencing, etc.
- A real technological breakthrough with a great mastery of technologies in SaaS (Symphony , cloud computing, ...).
- The tool is integrated in a modular and connected environment.

Eatizzy targets bars, hotels, restaurants, mainly traditional fast food but also caterers, delicatessens, cake shops, bakeries and chocolate shops.
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