Hospitality Game Changers!

At Foodetective, we offer multiple services but we have a single mission: to empower F&B businesses in their quest for greatness, high-quality food and drinks, innovative cuisine, and profitable business model.

We are shaking up the online hospitality game! Our perfectly thought-out software and mobile application was design by restauranteurs for restauranteurs. You are given the ability to serve a customer at the highest level of quality and scale, simultaneously.

Building trust through honest and structured reviews is our motto; it’s what gets us out of bed every morning. Foodetective wants to be the market leader in F&B and hospitality value creation around the world. For this reason, all our online content and offer is created by professionals or trained foodies.

Most of the online reviews as we know it, are fake, untrusted, unstructured and not relevant: the new generation is looking for high-quality content and strives to find honesty and quality based on its preferences and needs.

Added value through relevant online services is crucial and already becoming the key to a successful F&B business. Offering high quality and trust is still the best way to align the interest of multiple parties. FD helps talented independent chefs, restaurateurs and managers to achieve better results and recognition all the while keeping a high level of quality and taste.

Readers, users and eaters educate us. This is a two-way process, by which we build on feedback provided internally. Bad online reviews can greatly hurt your business, while customers need to cross-reference too many websites to get to the truth. The younger generation is tired of bullshit, and instead strives to find honesty and quality, based on their preferences and needs. This is our—and your—target market, and we are answering their needs! We provide foodies, education, material and mentorship to create honest, relevant, beautifully curated content.
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