We developed a product, Hotbox and a service, HotboxSharing. Hotbox is an innovative device for the food delivery sector specifically design for scooters. The value added is that, instead of the other food devices, it keeps the food warm up to 95°C and it de-humidify the air volume inside, thanks to an air recirculation system, that gets the steam out with a radiator. The temperature is taken from the wasted energy of the scooter engine, connecting with the exhaust system and re-using this heat to warm up the main chamber. The food from the oven/kitchen of the restaurant to the house of the clients remains hot and fragrant. To make an impact in this sector, we developed a HotboxSharing service. A scooter sharing for businesses as Foodora, Deliveroo etc. We provide a fleet of HotBox scooters, available 24/7 for the drivers at a super competitive price, that not only increases their work standards, wages, and rights but also increases the company profits. The scooters have the same functionality as DriveNow sharing or CarToGo. They can be booked anywhere and left right after being used by the drivers, without having to worry about anything else than their work. The companies whos riders use this service gains a lot of competitive advantages in terms of quality of delivery and customer satisfaction.
Hotbox Food Picture