Thanks to the MenuHebdo mobile app, it's even easier to prepare to eat! Your favorite recipes and shopping lists follow you everywhere, even when your internet connection drops you offline.
Miam Miam Connection is an online platform for posting and booking meals at home.

She connects hosts who offer meals and diners wanting to eat at home.

Our ambition is not limited only to a gastronomic encounter between people who did not know each other, but also to allow everyone to renew authentic social ties with the "other" on the occasion of this privileged moment Of pure conviviality.

It's not the cooking experience that counts, let's make the daily meal a unique adventure!
Let us discover, exchange, paratage!

Chefs amateurs or professionals welcoming guests for a gastronomic dinner, Monsieur or Madame "everybody" cooking everyday and eager to share their dishes with neighbors or strangers lunch or evening, or students Freshly arrived in the city and wanting to meet new heads and save money ...
All formulas are possible, everything is conceivable, everything is modulable.

We wish you pleasant meals and pleasant meetings with MIAM MIAM CONNECTION.
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