MIXARTISTA is a robotic barman, technologically and aesthetically innovative liquid dispenser, designed to prepare perfect cocktails for the luxury market, according to the original recipes and following the rules of mixology. The machine allows to install up to 12 bottles (between spirits and juices) and, in 40 seconds or less approximately, the robot is able to create the most complex recipes. MIXARTISTA prepares perfect cocktails, thanks to the specially developed algorithm that guarantees a precise dosage of the cocktail's ingredients. The spectacular movements and fancy design give to all the spectators an unforgettable show. The product interfaces with a cloud system where, in addition to the 101 most emblematic recipes of the world, all the information about the served cocktails and the consumption of raw materials are monitored during the usage; so as, to provide statistics that will allow the mapping of the daily needs. Moreover, with this technology, is possible to minimize waste and have a strict control of the consumption, as a result: maximum optimization.
Mixartista Picture