Nordic Bulk Solutions has an important mission. We aim to deliver food safety and sustainability to retailers and consumers of dried bulk food globally. Therefore, we have developed a unique and hygienic dispenser system.

The uniqueness of our solution is that the food packaging units are filled by the manufacturer and not at store level. Thereby, can consumers be completely certain of the manufacturing location and expiry date of the product. Providing misinformation about products is not possible as the solution ensures traceability and transparency.

Our dispenser solution is a two-part closed-cycle system that eliminates direct contact with food. It eliminates the risk of both cross contamination among food items and bacteria from hands or spoons. Our aesthetic and hygienic solution will attract brand new consumers to buy Pick & Mix.

Both manufacturers and retailers will benefit from our solution as our displays, ideal content size, and traceability bring in more revenue, while reducing handling costs.

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