Oddbox is a purpose-driven business that fights food waste on farms with innovative solutions. Its first solution is London's first wonky veg box subscription service, where it buys imperfect fruits and vegetables directly from local farms and markets for a fair price, delivers them to homes and offices for 30% cheaper than similar box services and donates up to 10% of its produce to charities that fight food poverty.

To follow is a tech-enabled marketplace that matches the supply of imperfect produce from farms across Europe with demand from F&B companies in the UK.

Our Fruit box:

Oddbox is London’s only wonky fruit box supplier. Ethical and economical at the same time, we re-claim fresh, local, seasonal but slightly misshapen and surplus fruits directly from local farms & markets. These are fresh and delicious fruits that don’t meet strict supermarket standards on size, shape, colour. We think just like people, fruits come in different sizes, shapes and colours and say no to fruit discrimination!

With a simple, low-cost high impact perk, you will gain engaged, motivated and healthy staff.
Plus, you will also help us combat food waste in the UK, help local growers get a fair price for all of their produce, and help food poverty as we donate 10% of our fruits to food charities like City Harvest and Brixton Community Fridge.

Each piece of our fruit is hand selected from our suppliers and goes through a rigorous quality check process at our 5-star rated warehouse. That means you are guaranteed business class produce at economy rates.
If for whatever reason, you find our service less than 5-star, we will refund you the cost of your box, no questions asked.
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