Today we all want to eat healthier and to get closer to the basics. Life in the city is sometimes stressful and difficult, between traffic congestion, pollution and industrial products in supermarkets. One feels a little far from simple and essential things.
Yet if it was easier, we would all eat organic, we would only make fair and local purchases, we would stock up on a farming produce rather than enrich the major agri-food groups. A better choice for us and also for the planet.

And what if the countryside came closer to you?

With Peas&Love, you can have a piece of nature in the heart of the city and be part of the community of Urban Farmers. The farm allows you to rent a maintained vegetable garden, a stone's throw from home and of course enables you to eat all the products as if you were in the countryside. Ultra fresh, local, seasonal, organic, without pesticides or insecticides, your fruit and vegetables have the true taste of simple and natural things.

Choice, taste, authenticity!

Throughout the year, you will harvest more than 50 kind of fruit and vegetables; old varieties of cabbages, tomatoes, rare strawberries, delicious lettuces, aromatic plants and even edible flowers. You don’t have the space, time or “green fingers” to farm for yourself? No worries, the Community Farmer takes care of everything from planting to maintenance. All you have to do is harvest!
You will rediscover the good taste of fruit and vegetables fresh from the ground and you will share experiences and newly acquired knowledge with the rest of the community. Finally, you will participate in a fairer economy that is respectful of agriculture. In short, you will share values that are now more than ever essential!

We plant, we maintain, you harvest.
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