The security of your harvest in your hands!

Plant diseases and pests cause the loss of 15 to 30 % of the annual harvests. Famines and suffering farmers are the results. For a safe food supply today and for the fast growing world population we have to face this challenge!

We believe that smart farming is the solution. Working with artificial intelligence and image recognition we help farmers worldwide to protect their plants. With cutting edge technologies we support you to secure your harvest. Together we ensure a safe food production for us and the generations to come!

Our App Plantix for smartphones, brings cutting edge technology to your farm.
By taking a simple picture with your smartphone, Plantix helps you to protect your plants from diseases, pests and the lack of nutrition.

Plantix is there, when you need it, because it fits into your pocket. It is fast. It is independent. And it gives you a lot of expert information - ranging from the diagnosis of plant damages to different treatments and preventive measures.
Further you can interact with experts and farmers from all over the world by using our community feature.

PEAT ( is delivering the software technology behing Plantix :
Every plant disease, pest, or nutrient deficiency leaves a specific pattern to which our software quickly learns to detect with up to 95% accuracy. With our software, we can provide customized solutions for every need.
Plantix Picture