Always a step ahead! smaXtec animal care provides cattle farmers all over the world with a unique monitoring solution for estrus detection, calving detection, health monitoring and feed optimization. By measuring relevant data as the activity levels, temperatures and ruminal pH of the cows, the smaXtec system keeps users fully informed about what is going on. The data is transferred in real-time without any user interaction. Data can easily be accessed via computer or the app on mobile devices - if there are any significant changes, smaXtec users will get immediate alerts. This enables them to react quickly and take targeted actions.

smaXtec animal care has been working on its smart analytical tools for over 8 years. We are aware of our responsibilities as a global market leader and we keep on improving our technology for our users. Our main goals are to provide customers all over the world with effective solutions in order to solve problems caused by modern dairy farming and to improve animal welfare. Due to early detection of diseases measures can be taken at an early stage and the usage of antibiotics and other medication can be considerably reduced. This is why we encourage innovation, global thinking and acting in our company.
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