56% of food products found in supermarkets are bad for health. More and more of us want to eat healthier.

But that when you find yourself in the middle of the supermarket shelves, it is very difficult to find yourself in the middle of all this food jungle so the labels of the products are indecipherable! That's why we created Yuka, a mobile application that decrypts labels by analyzing the composition of products.

Yuka has 3 key functions:
- Product evaluation: each product is evaluated according to 3 objective criteria based on validated studies: nutritional quality, presence of harmful additives and biological dimension of the product. A score of 100 is thus assigned to the product based on its analysis
- Recommendation of better products: for all products whose evaluation is negative, the application recommends to the user equivalent products better for the health
- The classification of the best products for each category of products

The Yuka application was launched on January 9, 2017 on iOS and already had more than 130,000 users 6 months after its launch.