A day with DigitalFoodLab (webinars and more on Thursday)


Startups are raising huge sums of money, and new deals are popping everywhere again… This feels almost as if life was going back to normal and we are glad to spend more time working with our clients and partners and new and exciting projects!

Today, we want to share with you two webinars that we will part of this Thursday (an unexpected coincidence) on two very different and exciting topics.

First, at 9am CET, I’ll present a 30 minutes (English, free webinar with Q&A) introduction to the innovation ecosystem working around packaging. With our partner, Vitagora, our goal will be to answer these three questions :

  • What are the emerging angles of packaging innovation coming from start-ups?
  • Where are the hubs and clusters nurturing these innovative entrepreneurs?
  • What investment trends are we seeing?

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Then, at 1:30pm (CET) DigitalFoodLab’s co-founder, Jérémie will take the (virtual) stage of the LFDay for a 30 minutes introduction (in French) to the investments into AgTech in Europe and in France. He’ll give you a perspective on the evolution and the future of this ecosystem, quite dominant in the French and European FoodTech.


I hope I’ll see many of you there!

Have a great week!


#1 – VIDEO (French) on FoodTech opportunities post-COVID

One month after the release of our report on the investments on European FoodTech, we have taken the time to confront this data and the impact of COVID-19 on the FoodTech ecosystem.

In this 1h-long webinar, you’ll hear from us and our partners (investors, corporates, advisors) about the consequences of the pandemics on innovation inside corporations and in the startups.

More here

#2 – Irish grocery delivery startup BuyMie raises €5.8M while Instacart raises $225M

Grocery delivery startups enable the consumer to find a supermarket in its neighbourhood, make its online groceries shopping on their website (and not on the website of the individual grocers). Then, they send independent shoppers to do the actual shopping inside the stores, to finally deliver them to the doors of the consumers. The promise is quite simple: your groceries at your door in one hour, without moving from your couch. These startups can be compared to restaurant delivery players such as Deliveroo or Uber Eats, but with groceries instead of meals.
Instacart, the leader in the US, just raised $225M at a $13.7B valuation. It is now accounting for more than half of the US online grocery market. In the meantime, Ireland-based BuyMie raised €5.8M to expand to the UK…

More here

#3 – Swile raises €70M to grow its benefits app

The French startup formerly known as Lunchr has raised €70M to expand in new markets. Initially focusing on payment cards for employees to pay for their lunches, it is now betting on other corporate gifts cards.

More here

As you can see, FoodTech is indeed moving faster than ever in 2020. But you are not alone. DigitalFoodLab is here to help you :

  • Stay at the top of your domain. We prove exclusive insights and information through talks and our FoodTech watch
  • Prepare for the future. We help you make plans for long term trends and their implication on your business and to identify the right startup to work on your current issues.
  • Innovate faster. We work with you to define the innovation strategy fitted to your business means and needs.

No matter if you are a startup or a food giant, we are here to work with you and change the world of food! (contact us).

Oatly raises $200m and becomes Europe's leading Foodscience startup
Protera, a Chilean AgBiotech startup relocates to France and raises €5M

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