FoodTech recap: will delivery startups benefit from coronavirus? + Impossible Foods raises $500M


Like all companies, FoodTech startups are suffering from the coronavirus pandemic. Some, as delivery startups, may benefit from it (as it has happened in Asian countries stricken by the virus). In Europe, most delivery startups are putting in place contactless deliveries. Even if this is just a short-lived increase, this will not impact badly these businesses. That’s why we focused this week’s newsletter on delivery.

Others may suffer a lot more from the current or incoming quarantines. Young ventures which were raising funds, software startups serving the foodservice industry or D2C premium brands may be affected. Let’s hope this situation doesn’t last too long.

Keep Safe!

#1 – Impossible Food raises $500M

Two weeks after slashing its prices in foodservice (restaurants), Impossible Foods announces a new investment of $500 Million from existing investors with the addition of Mirae AM (a Korean asset management firm). This additional funding is clearly oriented toward growth and fighting competition:

  • Research and innovation, notably toward pork and sausages (domain where Beyond Meat is already active)
  • Grow its International presence and scale up its production
  • Continue to grow in foodservice (where it seems both Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat make the most of their growth)

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#2 – DoorDash prepares for its IPO

DoorDash discreetly filed documents for an upcoming IPO (being publicly traded). It would join the handle of publicly-traded FoodTech companies (Delivery Hero, Uber/UberEats, Beyond Meat, HelloFresh, etc.).The startup is leading the restaurant delivery market in the US while facing steep competition from Uber, Postmates, Grubhub and many other players.

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#3 – Manna will start Drones Deliveries in Dublin next month

Manna is one of Europe’s leading food drones and robots startups. Robots, like those of Starship Technologies (another European startup), are already delivering food in US universities through partnerships with big brands such as PepsiCo. But the gap between robots and drabs may be diminishing with Manna launching its experiment with Ben&Jerry’s.

Students at UCD (University College Dublin) will be able to get delivered ice cream (and Thai meals from a local restaurant) at selected pick-up points.

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#4 – Uber for groceries startups are expanding into meal delivery

Instacart, the grocery delivery startup is growing its offering. Today, the company is now expanding its offering with Instacart Meals. The consumer will have the availably to order both its groceries and ready-to-eat meals. More than a competitor to DoorDash or UberEats, this should be seen as a move going with the increasing place retailers are giving to foodservice. Indeed, more and more players are now betting that the winning offer is to be able to give the opportunity to the consumer to offer both groceries and ready-to-eat (and even personalised as in the case of Instacart Meals).

Europe has one notable equivalent to Instacart with Supermercato24. Based in Milan and founded in 2014, the startup is already covering all of Italy for deliveries. It has acquired Szopi in Poland in late 2019 to develop there. In late January, it has raised a new round of €11million. It has now raised more than €28million, making it the biggest source of Food/RetailTech investments in Italy and one of the leading “next generation FoodTech startups” of Europe. This new influx of capital is aiming at growing the company in new countries by the end of 2020.

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You still want more, here are some of our favourite reads of the last couple of weeks:

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