FoodTech Trends to watch in 2019

In 2018, FoodTech has become even more serious, which will be a record year in terms of investments with huge rounds (and whole lot more Food unicorns). This year was also a decisive tipping point in the way big companies and VCs were looking at the domain. For the later, while FoodTech was mostly a synonym for delivery startups, it is now looked more broadly with interest as a domain with tremendous potential. For food and retail corporations, 2018 has been the year were most have understood that their citadel wasn’t impregnable and that “something is happening”.

The 8 trends that we will study in this document can be analysed using the below graph (or Gartner innovation curve) on two axes:

  • Hype: how much hype is there on the technology or trend (i.e. how many positive press or social media mentions)
  • Time: meaningful tech trends tend to evolve around 6 phases from technology trigger (discovery), a peak of expectation (everyone is talking about it without having seen anything), disillusionment, enlightenment (when profitability and mass use seem reasonable expectable) and the plateau of productivity (when everyone is using it).

FoodTech trends


Trends mapping

8 FoodTech trends analyzed 

  1. Food delivery startups 
  2. Data for retail 
  3. Plant-based startups 
  4. Digital Native Vertical Brands (DNVB) 
  5. Urban farming 
  6. Trust between agribusinesses and consumers
  7. Robots in production and delivery 
  8. Nutritional personalisation


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