What are the key trends in FoodTech?

With the COVID19 crisis, many FoodTech trends have been accelerated. From plant-based products adoption to the rising interest for new types of delivery, the world has lived a giant experiment. Taking a step back, as we do each year, we have considered the state of most promising and impactful FoodTech trends and condensed the result in this new report.

We have mapped the most relevant FoodTech trends on two axes (see below):

  • Hype: how much hype is there on the technology or trend (i.e. how many positive press or social media mentions)
  • Time: meaningful tech trends tend to evolve around 6 phases from technology trigger (discovery), a peak of expectation (everyone is talking about it without having seen anything), disillusionment, enlightenment (when profitability and mass use seem reasonably expectable), and the plateau of productivity (when it has become common and profitable).

11 chapters with 11 FoodTech trends analyzed 

Agtech & FoodScience:

1. New Sources of protein (free chapter)

2. Urban farming 

3. Traceability and transparency

Delivery & Retail:

4. Delivery startups

5. Delivery robots


6. Cloud Kitchens

7. Robots and smart fridges

Foodscience & Coaching:

8. Plant-based protein

9. Lab-grown protein

10. Packaging and food waste

11. New generation of DTC brands


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  • 76 pages

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More than 20 mappings and charts

The strengths of this report

  • DigitalFoodLab is the first FoodTech strategy consultancy in Europe
  • Investors, agribusiness companies, retailers, and entrepreneurs, find all information and analysis you need to understand and act on FoodTech
  • A unique analysis of the evolution of the global FoodTech ecosystem


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