Graph of the week (2022 – week #21)

A new Japanese study on aging, conducted on nearly 9,000 people, found that adopting a set of healthy lifestyles (from 3 to 8) could increase life expectancy dramatically. Here, we are talking about “easy” lifestyles to adopt: moderate physical activity, having a healthy BMI (body mass index), being a non-smoker, consuming moderate amounts of alcohol…

As shown in previous studies, the impact of those healthy lifestyles can be pretty dramatic (more than five years of life gain for people of 60 and a non-negligible gain for people over 80). But… one big challenge remains: people don’t really adhere to these lifestyles (quite the opposite).

And that’s where it relates to FoodTech: most “downstream” entrepreneurs claim to develop products or services to help consumers have a healthier lifestyle (notably in the personalization ecosystem). Nudging (with or without their direct understanding) consumers toward healthier lifestyles and increasing their compliance to it is indeed a worthy goal.

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