Great ressources on Lab-grown meat

2 – The AT Kearney report on how cultured meat will disrupt the meat industry

As shown in the graph below, it projects a majority market share for meat alternatives (both plant-based and lab-grown) in 2040!

DigitalFoodLab Clean meat evolution

3 – A video by wired for a quick introduction to clean meat

4 – Clean meat is a new product. We can only wonder how it will be received by consumers. In this podcast episode of the Economist, journalists look for answers in the past with the history of potatoes. Indeed, coming for America, the produce wasn’t known to Europeans which have taken a long time to accept it.

5 – A quick mapping by DigitalFoodLab of some of the most relevant startups in this ecosystem (in red, startups working with lab-grown meat, in blue, those working with fermentation).

Lab grown protein alternatives

Nordics: FoodTech is rising in the north
(Interview): Kea & Partners on the need for transformation in agrifood

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