Protera, a Chilean AgBiotech startup relocates to France and raises €5M

Key facts:

  • Protera, a Chilean startup raises $5.5M and then moves to France
  • Using AI to predict how different proteins combinations would create different functions to answer the needs of its clients
  • It already markets Portera Guard which extend food shelf life while cleaning the table of CPG food products
  • It decided to move to France to be closer to Soffinova, its investor in the last round and to benefit from both FoodTech and industrial ecossytem

Why it matters – DigitalFoodLab’s opinion:

This deal and move is obviously rewarding for observers (and modest contributors) to the French FoodTech. It can only help to diversify an ecosystem too self-centered.

Another interesting angle to observe this move is to consider the activity of Protera. By specialising in developing “clean-labelling” proteins (or put otherwise, proteins that can help to remove “bad stuff” from the labels), Protera is highly interesting to European agribusinesses whom are facing the growing expectations of final consumers that are more and more looking for clean label products.


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