Yofix raises $2.5m from milk giants BEL and Muller

Yofix, one of the top startups (at least in terms of media attention) from the famous Israeli accelerator The Kitchen raises $2.5m. The startup is known for its probiotic plant-based and soy-free yogourts. While many plant-based startups are receiving bad comments for their long list of highly processed ingredients, Yofix’s have a quite clean label.

What’s more interesting, at least in the scope of this deal is the name of the investors. Two big milk related companies, the French cheesemaker BEL and the German dairy and yoghurt company Muller have taken part in the deal.

This move should be also analysed while keeping in mind that many traditional dairy companies are facing difficulties, notably in the US, and are challenged by new startups (here is an article on this new divide). It seems that European dairy firms have a bit more time to prepare for the plant-based wave. Shall we see many deals of this type of the incoming months or will it be limited to a small number of traditional companies that have understood the threat they are facing?

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