Foodvisor raises €4m for its food image recognition app

A few years ago, I had the opportunity to meet with the team of FoodVisor. They were quite passionate about their idea of building an app able to recognise the contents of any plate just with a picture taken by your phone. I have to admit that I was both impressed by the ambition and a bit sceptical about the feasibility of such a complicated feat.

Now, with a team of 15, more than 2 million downloads and new funding of 4 million euros, the company seems to be in an excellent position to achieve its ambition. The app is working quite well and now offers some premium plans enabling some interaction with a professional dietitian.

If the technology is getting better and better, notably through the millions of pictures by its users, you can still correct the information manually. FoodVisor is now the quickest and easiest way to have an opinion about the healthiness of the plate in front of you.


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