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FoodTech in France (English and French)

2019 was a record-breaking year for the French FoodTech ecosystem with a 66% increase in investments, with a total of €390M invested.

  • figures and analysis: investments, startups creations and their evolution
  • FoodTech categories breakdown
  • top deals in France
  • the full list of the 618 active FoodTech startups in France

FoodTech Delivery 2019

While it was easy to put a tag on various delivery models a few years ago, lines are now blurring.

Indeed, most of the startups may have thought that their solution (meal kit, delivery, full-stack…) was sufficient to cover all of the food needs of their clients. However, each consumer is creating its equilibrium using the diversity of offers available to him (a meal kit for some family meals, grocery delivery, some restaurant deliveries,…).  It’s no more war to be your “only source of delivered meals from restaurants” but a war to be your “only source of food”. 

FoodTech Trends

In 2018, FoodTech has become even more serious, which will be a record year in terms of investments with huge rounds (and whole lot more Food unicorns). This year was also a decisive tipping point in the way big companies and VCs were looking at the domain. For the later, while FoodTech was mostly a synonym for delivery startups, it is now looked more broadly with interest as a domain with tremendous potential. For food and retail companies, 2018 has been the year were most have understood that their citadel wasn’t impregnable and that “something is happening”.

Updated reports

For some reports, as the demand is either rarer or as the evolutions are too quick to enable an on-shelf report to remain fresh, we have developed updated reports. We basically update them for each client at the time of order, in less than a week.

Data + Geography

Reports on investments on FoodTech startups for a specific geography, such as:

  • individual European countries or regions
  • India
  • Israël

FoodTech categories and top trends

Reports on investments, top-startups and incoming trends in specific FoodTech domain or sub-domain and its related trends:

  • lab-grown food (meat and / or dairy)
  • vertical farming
  • the disruption of retail

Free reports

FoodTech in Europe (English and French)

Data on the investments in European FoodTech startups between 2014 and 2019 with category, investment type, geographic insights and M&A activity. You will find an analysis of the number of investments and the total amount invested, the most important funding rounds and a study country by country of operating startups and funding rounds.

COVID-19 impact on FoodTech

This report is our take on the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis and its impact on the FoodTech ecosystem. Depending on their product or service, startups can be either affected or a solution to the current situation.

FoodTech in Germany

We have the tendency to sum up Germany’s FoodTech to Delivery Hero, Hello Fresh and sometimes Marley Spoon. Three startups that have been met with success mostly outside of Germany (in Asia and South America for Delivery Hero, in the US for Hello Fresh and in Australia for Marley Spoon). Hence, it is possible to be quite sceptical about Germany’s ecosystem. However, in this report we were wondering how such world leaders can have been built there and if Germans had a magic equation to build FoodTech Unicorns that could be replicated in other European countries.

Seeds&Chips 2019

This document is our take on our visit on Seeds&Chips 2019. Being there last year helps to draw a comparison and to see evolutions in the ecosystem. This document is a “spot” review about the event, the startups we met there and the conferences we assisted. Even if not exhaustive, it will give you all the facts you need to can get about the event without getting there.

FoodTech in India

Indian FoodTech startups have seen an increase in investments in 2017 ($4.8B, from $288M in 2016) while the number of deals is constant (24 in 2017, from 24 in 2017). The Indian ecosystem is at its beginning and promises greats surprises. However, these key figures have to be analysed and nuanced. Indeed, India counts four big players, Flipkart, Swiggy, Big Basket and Zomato, which represent 93% of the global investments of the country.

FoodTech Unicorns

This report is based on the study of the 33 FoodTech unicorns founded worldwide since 1998. Combined, they raised $26.6B in private funding since 1998. With more than half the total amount ($16.2B to be precise), the last two years have seen a huge increase. It’s our first conclusion, investors have gone more and more generous with FoodTech leaders.

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