We have been French FoodTech entrepreneurs for more than ten years.

Between 2010 to 2016 we founded, developed and sold one of the first French FoodTech startup, WeCook, a web and mobile service helping families and individuals finding the right answer to the question “what should I eat and which groceries should I buy?”.

In 2016, as the FoodTech ecosystem was growing fast, we created DigitalFoodLab with the goal to hasten the transition toward the future of food. We look at disruptive innovation, mostly created by startups to find signals of change toward a healthier, more personalised and more sustainable food system. We use this information to help our clients to stay leaders or become tomorrow’s food giants.

So, in a word, our mission is to look into the future of food to make it happen faster.

Along with our consulting activities, we often speak at public and private events and share our experience with FoodTech entrepreneurs by being board members or angels.


The world needs a better food system, one that is more sustainable, more inclusive and which brings healthier and more personalised food to all. FoodTech entrepreneurs (in startups but also inside companies) are leading this change.

With DigitalFoodLab, our goal is to fasten this change by working with the best startups, investors and forward-looking corporations by providing knowledge, guidance and opportunities on this fast-moving ecosystem.


No B.S.: we are honest and we will tell you the truth on the perspective of your project. We are here to help serious people to do great things, not to push paper around and organise parades of startups for big companies.

Entrepreneurs: being entrepreneurs is more than status, it is a set of values, ranging from valuing hard work to taking bold bets.

Dedicated: we have been working on this ecosystem for 10 years both with entrepreneurs and f&b companies.



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