Haus, the cocktail startup raises $4.5m

Haus, a low alcohol cocktail maker raises $4.5m to grow faster, notably through a membership program. Haus’ drinks are at 15% ABV (level of alcohol), an important figure in the US, where online sales of beverages rating higher than 24% ABV are not allowed.

The idea behind Haus is to create a transparent alcoholic drink matching the needs and wants of a new generation (all of the ingredients of the classic DNVB – Digital Native Vertical Brand):

  • Transparent with a clear and clean list of ingredients
  • Digitally native with a strong presence online and an online distribution through its website
  • Reachable and easy to use with already mixed cocktails that match the desire for tasty drinks

Why it matters 

The infusion of cash will be used to launch a subscription service rather than to focus on retail expansion. This is both a risky and audacious bet from a new beverage brand. We will see if a brand such as Haus can convince younger generations to subscribe to a monthly $144 plan for two bottles.

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