Irish breath analyser startup FoodMarble raises €1.2M

Key facts:

  • FoodMarble, the Irish startup known for its breath analyzer just raised €1.2M
  • The funding comes from a network of business angels, SOSV and Delta Partners
  • In 2019, the company sold 15,000 devices (€1M in sales)
  • The device helps its user to have a better understanding of its digestive health
  • The funding will be used to grow the company internationally notably in the USA

Why it matters – DigitalFoodLab’s opinion:

We had the opportunity sooner this year to test both FoodMarble and its main competitor, the Israel startup Lumen (which has raised $8.5M just one year ago). If Lumen’s user interface (and device) are much slicker, they both are quite to use. It is quite interesting to test various meals and to find which ones you digest better. However, after a few experiments, the devices remained on my desk. It is still targeted to people with real digestive issues (or performance requirements). A better interface and more information on how to test and find the best products matching one’s gut would be a great improvement.

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