Irish grocery delivery startup BuyMie raises €5.8M while Instacart raises $225M

Key facts:

Why it matters – DigitalFoodLab’s opinion:

Grocery delivery startups have had the opportunity to shine during the lockdowns in Europe and in the US. They have become stronger and are now looking to expand further.

They have risen faster than big retailers with their ability to deliver groceries with a flexible army of independent shoppers. Just in the US, Walmart had 50% of the online grocery market one year ago, it was at 25% in April with Inscatart at 57%. And that happened while Walmart observed unprecedented growth.

Europe’s counterparts to Instacart have been slow to catch on, but now with BuyMie in the British Isles and Supermercato24 in Italy and Poland, it seems that this category of startups is ready to grow locally.

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