Miamzy - Order at the restaurant

The drive of traditional catering is available on the Clermont-Ferrand area and will soon spread to other cities.

With Miamz'y, you can order quality dishes prepared by restaurant chefs and taste them wherever you want!
It's very simple, you just have to order takeaway and retrieve your meal in the restaurant, just like at the drive!

Discover new restaurants.

Try new culinary adventures and do not hesitate to surprise your taste buds. Order in restaurants you did not know!

Geolocate the restaurants on your daily commute.

Thanks to Miamz'y, check out the restaurants around you or on your trips. Anticipate and order in advance the good food available on your way. Enjoy them anywhere, at home or in the office, with your family, with colleagues or friends, enjoy your meal!

Be informed of the daily specials.

Rediscover the taste of good things! Browse the menu of your favorite restaurants or order their dish or menu of the day. Why rest content with fast food when bistronomy and traditional cuisine open their doors to you?

Gain speed and simplicity.

Say goodbye to the queues and hello to the drive of the traditional catering! Choose the time you want to collect your dish and pay on the Miamz'y application.

Live beyond the delivery area.

Gourmands of the cities, thanks to the take-away, you no longer have to wait for the delivery man! Gourmands des champs, thanks to Miamz'y, you can finally access to varied and quality dishes!

How it works ?

1. Locate or map a route to see the restaurants available around you or on your way.
2. Choose the restaurant and the dish that make you crave.
3. Place an order on the Miamz'y app and set the time to withdraw from the restaurant. 4. Pay securely directly on the application.
5. Go get your order in the restaurant, without any waiting.
6. All you have to do is enjoy your meal!

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