Areas of expertise

We cover all the startups’ innovations along food’s value chain, from agriculture to retail, coaching and new products. You can see here our definition of FoodTech. Therefore, we have worked with clients all along the Food value chain.

Our focus is global. This is a fast-paced ecosystem where innovation can come from everywhere. We look at the biggest innovation hubs of FoodTech (USA, India, China, Israël and Europe) to give our clients a global perspective. We have a deep knowledge of Europe’s FoodTech startups to identify how global trends can apply.

Ecosystem mapping

What’s happening and what are the threats in my ecosystem?
We build dedicated mappings to discover startups that could threaten or disrupt your business. Our geographical focus can be global (main trends on a worldwide scale) to local (single country or continent). We cover all the food value chain, looking for disruption, from AgTech to RetailTech.
From the mapping, we recommend you with the best path of action to match your goals, means and strategy.

Technology mapping

Who is working with a specific technology and what are the risks and opportunities for your business?

We map the main startups working around a specific technology (cooking robots, blockchain use for transparency, plant-based dairy alternatives). We then analyse it to find the relevant criteria (as on our example on robotics to know if the startups are actually working on developing robots or purely using them with data and algorithms). We then provide you with a recommendation on the level of interest of technology and how to explore it.

New market identification

What new markets can be targeted?

Thousands of startups are working on FoodTech right now, and many thousands have already tried (and failed) experiments that could be interesting to you. Before launching a new product or a new market, you should now look at what startups do and have done.
We explore the targeted ecosystem, identify the best success and fail stories to give you insights.

Innovation strategy

Is your company innovation strategy relevant compared to your competitors? How should you work with startups?

We work with you on understanding what are your goals with startups (often starting with a workshop). We move into your direct and indirect competitors innovation strategies to identify the best success and fail stories to inspire you. Finally, we define together the best path of action for you to work with or as a startup on your projects.


Which startups should you acquire, invest in or partner with?

We use our database and network of partners to find the fitting startups depending on your requirements on:
– geographies (we can source startup globally)
– Technological requirement
– Funding stage

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