We are three French FoodTech entrepreneurs since 2010: Matthieu Vincent, Jérémie Prouteau & Alexandre Grimault.


From 2010 to 2016 we have founded, developed and sold a FoodTech startup, WeCook, a web and mobile service helping families and individuals finding the right answer to the question “what should I eat and which groceries should I buy?”. Since we dedicate ourselves to DigitalFoodLab.


In 2013, we have launched the DigitalFoodClub events in Paris in order to gather the local FoodTech ecosystem.
These events have developed far beyond what we initially planned as FoodTech become a hot trend. They have helped a great number of entrepreneurs identifying investors, partners and employees.


Today, DigitalFoodLab has become FoodTech’s intelligence platform. We gather data on FoodTech startups and investments at a global level. This data and our insights help our clients, corporates and investors, to detect and act on opportunities.





DigitalFoodLab is committed to help FoodTech grow faster. We believe strongly that FoodTech startups to the many issues facing our current food system.

Entrepreneurs can help solve food hunger, health and environmental issues related to food,  and many other issues making. FoodTech as an ecosystem needs corporates, entrepreneurs and investors to have a better understanding of each other. That’s exactly what we intend to do with DigitalFoodLab: making the right connections and producing data useful for making choices of investment and partnership.


Knowledgeable about FoodTech: we have been working on this ecosystem for 8 years both with entrepreneurs and corporates.

Entrepreneurs: we are ourselves entrepreneurs. We know how hard it is to build a new food product and make people love it.

Honesty: we only work on projects we believe in and when we can get you additional value with our expertise and data.

Publications (French)

09/2018 – FoodTech robotics

06/2018 – Food corporates: why working with startups?

04/2018 – Coaching in FoodTech

02/2018 – Personalised nutrition: utopia or nightmare?

11/2017 – Future: vegetal meat or synthetic meat?

08/2017 – How blockchain will change the food industry?

08/2017 – Don’t have an idea for your FoodTech startup ? Just do a copycat !

03/2017 – Three rends in FoodTech: Blockchain, Nutrigenomics, New Foods

09/2016 –  Is there really a market for FoodTech?


(some) Talks :

01/2019 French FoodTech: BFM Business TV

03/2018 – SIA 2018 – INRA : Startup Point

11/2017 – Assemblé Nationale : Economic Affairs Commission  ; interview about french FoodSystem and FoodTech

09/2017 – Mailjet : communication for FoodTech startups (talk)

06/2017 – AgroTechDay : Future of Food (panel)

06/2017 – La Ferme Digital Day : FoodSystem in 20 years (panel)

04/2017 – Food&Digital : Corporates and startups : how to work together? (talk)

04/2017 – Food Morning 2017 : What is FoodTech? (talk)

03/2017 – Salon M.A.D.E. : What is FoodTech?

01/2017 – MaddyKeynote : Future of food (talk)

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