Nordics: FoodTech is rising in the north

In order to understand how FoodTech is happening (and where) in Europe, we looked at theย top countries by investments. The most striking result was not about a singular country but about the continuous rise of the Nordics. Made up of four countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, this area is developing one of the most interesting FoodTech ecosystem in Europe. Taken as a whole, it can only be compared to the British, German and French ecosystems.

Combined these four countries are:

  • 4th in Europe in terms of investments
  • driven by Stockholm which acts as a hub for entrepreneurs, incubators and investors
  • Home a vibrant and diverse ecosystem, made of delivery, foodscience and coaching leaders

FoodTech in the nordics DigitalFoodLab


The top 5 fundings of 2019 in the Nordics are concentrated in delivery startups, all of which are reinventing or challenging established rules in Delivery:

  • Wolt, the Finish restaurant delivery startup which is challenging Deliveroo and Delivery Hero in the Eastern part of Europe
  • Mathem, a Swedish e-grocery startup
  • Kolonial, a Norwegian startup which is creating an online supermarket
  • Simple Feast which is reinventing the meal kit offering with vegetarian cooked meals. Active both in Denmark and Sweden, it has raised capital to grow in the US:
  • Matsmart, a Swedish e-grocery startup which focuses on surplus products which would have been thrown away

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