With Cookmylist, preparing your shopping list has never been so easy! We offer a list of daily dishes. Thanks to our iterative suggestion tool, each course is unique. We then combine the ingredients of each recipe and submit a ready-made shopping list.

We concentrated our efforts on dishes to simplify the process. We are confident that you will find your own ideas for appetizers & desserts!

At the suggestions, each of your answers adapts the following dish. If you refuse a dish, we look for a suggestion that moves away from the first. Conversely, if you click "Why not?", We are looking for a similar recipe. In other cases, we offer you the most popular dishes, those most often retained by Internet users.

Our algorithm allows us to offer a unique path to each user. It is an iterative process, which improves the relevance of the suggestions over the clicks. To summarize, the more complex the task (example: you are looking for ideas for 10 meals), the more time spent creating your list will be proportionally short.
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