Cookrs, it is a box cart meal delivered weekly in the form of recipe kit to cook.

Each week you compose your menu of the week by selecting your recipes as well as complementary products.

The following week, you receive your box at home or at your place of work with the recipe cards and all the ingredients calibrated in the right proportions to cook the recipes selected. Simple and quick recipes to achieve on average in 30 'with the best products of region. Organic fruits and vegetables, 100% French meat, Normandy beef and poultry, fish from the Normandy and Brittany coasts, cereals and organic creamery, in short, good products on your plate.

With Cookrs, finished the drudgery of shopping and lack of inspiration, you can eat varied and balanced recipes for the whole family.

Cookrs is E-commerce food in BtoC or BtoBtoC. Cookrs is aimed at couples and families with active children who do not have the time or the desire to go shopping on a daily basis but who especially want to eat well every day.
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