Crisp is the first app-only online supermarket in The Netherlands that delivers great quality food straight from the source. The shop is devoted to selling the freshest, best tasting products. In season and at a reasonable price because all products are sourced directly from small producers and growers that know what they’re doing. Mussels come from family owned ‘Neeltje Jans’ on the Dutch south coast, tomatoes are grown in Amsterdam, and North Sea fish comes straight from the TX36 fishing boat. Crisps mission is to make the best quality food available to more people. That’s why it offers a wide range in vegetables, fruit, super fresh fish, hand made pasta’s, over sixty cheeses, eighty wines and award-winning pancakes. The app shows fresh products from over 200 different suppliers, among them small, local specialists. Crisp offers next day delivery, throughout the country, six days a week, within an hour time slot.

Crisp is founded by Tom Peeters, Michiel Roodenburg, René Bink and Eric Klaassen. Tom co-founded Westwing, the successful international ecommerce business that recently IPO’d in Frankfurt. Michiel has ten years experience at international food retailer Ahold. René, born and raised on a farm, founded a
nationwide wholesale platform for local fresh produce. And Eric founded digital strategy advisory BLOOM, where he was responsible for growing some of The Netherlands’ leading apps and digital platforms. A deep passion for both innovation and good food is what unites the four of them.
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