Farming is increasingly information-driven rather than emotion-driven. Farmers must take >40 decisions over the year and Big data acquisition is overloading them, who need decision tools available and no accurate information about future evolution of the crop productivity or risks ahead. Thus, predictive and simulation scenarios, such as decision support tools by ec2ce, are key to take smart decisions to improve productivity and sustainability, providing direct benefit in farmer's income while reducing cost and harvest uncertainties.

Our solutions and customers: ec2ce has four product lines, with applications on row crops, specialties, greenhouses and veggies, which are currently delivered to our customers, including agribusinesses and cooperatives, horticulture producers and aggregators, agrochemical and seeds suppliers, and agroinsurance companies: 1. Market Supply: predictive scenarios for strategic and trading & hedging decisions 2. Decision farming: farming management simulators to optimize productivity and inputs cost, including economic and sustainability criteria 3. Pest Evolution: predictive modeling to anticipate actions in Integrated Pest Management systems 4. Supply Chain: predictive scenarios to optimize commercial and logistic and planning for horticulture aggregators and commercialization intermediates. Since we identify customer's need to develop a custom-made tool using (and not keeping) their own data, plus data from public sources, our solutions are made with the understanding of the speficic problem that the customer wants to solve. We create a recurrent high value technological product adapted to our customer's needs. Thus, our AI expert systems provide farmers and agribusinesses with an actionable tool for their specific decision making process, to finally improve margins & sustainability. Predictions are easily scalable even where there is a lack of data as we are able to replicate modelling which has been trained and developed in similar ecosystems.
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