We have designed a farm-to-fork process consisting of our proprietary indoor cultivation system ‘Dryponics’ and a smart retail solution for last mile delivery of fresh produce. Our Dryponics system is a resource saving cultivation method, producing fresh greens all year-round in a highly efficient and sustainable way. Through the use of automation, software and climate control technologies, we have created an innovative cultivation method that delivers optimal plant growth recipes and enables a global farm network by being more efficient, compact, modular, controllable and flexible than existing solutions. Our Dryponics technology can be applied independent from external conditions for global scalability, enabling us to go to regions that are particularly prone to environmental stress or cities of high population density. Ultimately, we farm tasty, local, nutritious, pesticide-free leafy greens in cities independent from external conditions, and sell our produce ‘Harvest On Demand’, i.e. we deliver living plants that do not require washing and cooling and therefore guarantee a superior taste to anything cut and cooled.
Farmers Cut Picture