Goozty is an application specializing in fast food and takeout available on Android and IOS.
To date, it lists nearly 75,000 addresses in metropolitan France, organized by type of cuisine (kebab, pizza, bagel, sushi ...). The user geolocates then makes his choice by type of kitchen therefore, see by name of sign, commune / district. ...
Goozty allows professionals to communicate directly to users about their news (new product, loyalty card, promo, various event ...). This communication is carried out by the restorer on its dedicated Back Office interface or by Goozty which relays the information. This allows the user to be directly informed without having to download the application of each sign and to have reliable and up-to-date data. This communication update is instant and unlimited. In addition, the user has the web link to the site of the sign in order to be directly connected without any additional step. Finally, a geofencing module allows Goozty to send targeted pushes to its 5000 users in order to provide them with value-added information (depending on the news and their geographical position). A new version of the application will soon allow to propose the functions of orders / delivery, click and collect and loyalty