Fine Wine Investment Ecosystem
The first blockchain-based ecosystem for investment in Fine Wine* at any stage of the wine life cycle, with average return starting 15 % per year.
Being located anywhere in the world, our users by a simple click will be able to invest, resell and eventually gift any brand of Fine Wine produced globally. offer:

1.Direct Sales Model, when anyone could get Fine Wine starting en primeur stage directly from Winery.
2.The storage in the winery. Purchase/resale/gift by a simple click, meanwhile the wine stays in Winery Cellar.
3.Minimal transaction commissions. Low operational cost of transaction processing gives Gustos.Life the possibility to keep the commission fees much lower than the market average.
4.The tokenization of wine using specialized blockchain system guarantees the transparency of each transaction and traceability of each fine wine bottle. The counterfeit wine has no chance to infiltrate the platform.
5.Regular evaluations using international standards compliant SaaS solution give open access to trustworthy information about the quality of each Fine Wine brand.
Gustos.Life Picture